2019 Review of Document Management and Document Storage Systems


The last time I bought a house, the entire process was completed through an online document management application. Not one physical piece of paper exchanged hands until the day of closing, and even then, my copy of the closing documents was forwarded to me electronically later that day. It was a fast, efficient process for both sides, with no papers lost or misplaced.

How many times have you or your staff misplaced a document lately? Perhaps you were positive it was on your desk, but you suddenly realize it’s nowhere to be found. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you found the document in question later that day, perhaps misfiled, or buried under another stack of papers. But on those not-so-lucky days, that document will be lost forever. And lost forever means you’ll have to ask the document’s source for another copy, leaving an impression of disorganization at best.

And it’s not just you. While we may feel we have control on the documents on our desk, what about once they leave your desk? What if that document is misfiled, or shredded with other documents? What if it’s routed to Phil upstairs, who takes one look at it, and tosses it in the recycle bin. What if the cleaning crew throws it out?



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