Avoid the scam: Small business owners shouldn’t skimp on cybersecurity


Managing cybersecurity for your small business can feel overwhelming. You might think hiring a third-party vendor or investing in a “Software as a Solution” (SaaS) program to handle your cybersecurity is enough.

Or, perhaps you’re one of many businesses that delegates all cyber-related responsibilities to your IT guy. Those are both sound ways to start building out a cybersecurity infrastructure, but they are far from comprehensive.

Cybersecurity attacks are a scammer’s way of trying to steal money or data from your business — or from your customers. A scammer’s success could be a business’ demise.

The Better Business Bureau warns it is paramount for small business owners to implement necessary cybersecurity policies and practices. And they must also take the time to educate themselves and their staff — not just so the IT person doesn’t have to go it alone, but because everyone in a business plays a role in security. To better guard your business and hire the right people to help, you need to understand the risks.

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