What is printer analytics?


There’s a basic business principle related to information gathering that is truer today than ever before – the best decisions are always based on the best data. When you collect enough information, you can make more informed decisions, which leads to great success.

Fortunately, data analysis is now reaching every area of business, including printer analytics. The basic idea here is to examine how printers are used, how many prints employees make, how often they use devices in specific areas, monitor the ink and paper usage at your company, and several other factors that can help you make the most of your printer investments.

Printer analytics has become a vital part of a digital transformation strategy because it helps companies analyze their workflow and study the impact of new technology. An example of this has to do with the new W-Fi 6 standard. With printer analytics, a company can analyze how this faster, more reliable standard helps improve workflow for printing. If the new technology is greatly improving the printing process, a company can decide to invest in it more.


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