Print Management

Do you know how much you are spending on your printing supplies? 

Let Document Essentials help you access your printing costs and move your company up to another level of efficiency.

As we move more into the so-called paperless times, businesses still need to print documents to complete everyday tasks. Whether it’s for invoicing, reports, marketing materials, proposals, or just for your inter-office work, your printing needs can become quite costly if you’re not careful. Printing cost are the most unaudited expense in businesses and produce an average of 33% of company costs.  Do you know how much you are spending on your printing supplies?

That’s why Document Essentials offers Managed Print Services for businesses like yours. We assess how you use printers to make sure that we can design a print solution to meet your company’s needs. Contact us to learn more at 410-298-3336 or

Document Essentials is focused on reducing your bottom line, proactively managing printing error, on-time toner replenishment, and improving your productivity. We start by performing an assessment on your printing environment so we can design a unique managed print services plan to cover all of your printing needs:

  • Data Collection: We use FM Audit to identify all the printers your business uses. We determine each printer’s capabilities and volumes so we know exactly what kind of technology you have already invested in, what it can do, and if you are using it to it’s full capacity.
  • Assessment: A full walkthrough of your print environment, specified questions to gather information, inventory of current equipment and supplies, and workflow analysis.
  • Consolidation – When you consolidate vendors, invoices, and inventory, the results are almost always positive. MPS seeks to find “the right size” devices for companies and match the equipment to the business’ actual needs. “Right-sizing” is often a task when the most savings are discovered.
  • Continuity – The more devices a company has that are similar (i.e. manufacturers, makes, models), the easier it is to reduce cost, inventory, and the number of contracts to manage. In addition, an employee’s knowledge of a machine does not vary from machine to machine. We can help with narrowing the amount of different makes and models to reduce downtime and toner handling by end users.
  • Savings – MPS provides significant savings through a bundled solution, optimizing hardware in an office environment and leveraging an organization’s buying power to its maximum potential for typically 20-33% savings over the lifetime of the devices.
  • Regular, detailed reporting and ongoing consultation – Analysis of print costs is something that is often overlooked. Not reviewing where money is being spent on printing can be very costly and also affects end-user happiness and productivity.

Once we know how to save you money, we can then move all your printing needs under a single umbrella. With Document Essential’s MPS program you will get an “all you can eat” managed service for a single affordable monthly fee, including:

  • Service
  • Toner
  • Labor
  • A replacement printer if your printer cannot be repaired